Streamlining Remote Staff Management - Exclusive Offer for SAS Clients

One of the most popular services the SAS Accounting team offers is payroll processing. We appreciate that managing staff, calculating tax and National Insurance deductions, applying allowances and producing accurate, on-time reporting can be a substantial pressure for many businesses.

We are continually looking at new ways to make your accountancy requirements faster, easier to manage, and more cost-effective.

The SAS team opts for BrightPay as our software of choice for this service area. Streamlined, efficient and reliable services are essential to guaranteeing your staff payroll is always completed correctly.

As an optional upgrade, we can also provide an add-on, with exclusive rates for SAS clients, to a service called BrightPay Connect. This service empowers your staff to use self-service functions - with multiple benefits for the business and your valued workforce.

Here we'll run through how BrightPay Connect works and the value it brings to both managers and their employees.

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BrightPay Connect - How it Works

The BrightPay Connect service is an optional upgrade and acts as an add-on to the payroll processing software. We feel that one of the most powerful functions is the employee self-service capability.

In practice, that means that managers can add employees to their account, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access. All data on BrightPay is stored in the cloud with secure, user-friendly interfaces for optimal security.

The dashboard is easy to use and simple to operate, and means that your employees can:

  • Login securely through any PC or mobile.
  • View their payroll data, including payslips.
  • Update personal details and view the information held on file.
  • Submit annual leave requests, which then pass to the appropriate manager for approval.

There are some immediate benefits here in terms of time management. Staff will often need to request paperwork such as payslip copies when filing tax returns or credit application forms.

Having instant access to payroll data ensures that every employee can retrieve these records without needing to spend time submitting a request or for managers to look back through paperwork files to deliver the required information.

Keeping records updated can also be a time pressure. Whenever staff move home, change their contact details or amend their emergency contacts, it eats into productivity and the working day.

A typical workflow might include sending an email with the new information, manually updating records, and logging into company software to ensure the employee record is up to date.

BrightPay Connect ensures that staff can take ownership of their employment record, access information instantly, and make updates as and when they need to, without requiring any additional input.

All requests or changes are submitted through the app to the designated manager, ensuring that you remain in firm control of approving requests.

Why Digital is the Future of Staff Management

With so many of us working from home, potentially for the long-term, and managing split shifts to comply with social distancing guidelines, digital HR systems can make it substantially easier for managers to:

  • Access employee data remotely or from home.
  • Monitor annual leave calendars and approve requests faster.
  • View the payroll calendar for the whole team at once.
  • Access payroll reports instantly and from anywhere.
  • Review payment schedules, such as HMRC liabilities.

BrightPay Connect brings managers and employees together on one platform. It is designed to be as flexible as it needs to be. Therefore if staff working from home don't have direct access to a manager, they can submit a request online without scheduling a call, typing out an email, or arranging a convenient time to meet.

The app can host multiple users at once, so managers working away from their usual office environment can share reports and payroll data with all the appropriate people at once, granting access as required to the Connect dashboard.

In short, digital staff management makes it easier, faster and simpler to coordinate teams. We have seen how this is a life-line for busy managers who find themselves swamped with requests, struggling to keep holiday calendars up to date or want to make it easier for staff to access all the information they need.

If you're interested in learning more about BrightPay Connect as an add-on to your payroll processing service, please contact the SAS Accounting team. Each quote is specific to your organisation, depending on the number of employees.

Affordable subscription costs, combined with the benefit of employee engagement and reduction in staff management times, make this simple software a compelling solution that couldn't come at a better time.


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