Protect Your Business from the Costs of an HMRC Audit or Investigation

SAS recognises that a Tax or VAT enquiry from HMRC is a huge concern for many small businesses, with extensive time and costs required. We protect from this cost to your business to give you professional support and peace of mind.

HMRC Audits can cost businesses dearly and may be conducted as a routine exercise even if every return has been accurate and on time. This can impact any selected businesses, Directors or tax-payers.

SAS Fee Protection is a comprehensive Policy for the ultimate safeguarding against such costs.

If you have been notified of an HMRC enquiry, are concerned about the potential costs to your business, or need help to manage a Tax or VAT Audit, give our team a call today to have a chat about the best options.

HMRC Fee Protection Insurance

How SAS Fee Protection Works

Our Protection covers your business against up to £100,000 of our professional fee costs required to manage an HMRC enquiry.

What Does SAS Fee Protection Cover:

  • Income Tax and/or Corporation Tax Self-Assessment
  • PAYE
  • National Insurance
  • VAT
  • IR35
  • Construction Industry
  • National Minimum Wage or Gift Aid Legislation and Regulations
  • Any arising HMRC disputes concerning their assessment, calculations, decisions, notice of VAT civil penalties or notice of National Minimum Wage underpayments
  • Inheritance Tax enquiries
  • Child Tax Credit enquiries
  • HMRC Compliance Checks under Code of Practise 8 (where fraud is disproved)

Where SAS acts as your tax return agent for the business Director(s) or Partner(s), this includes spouses, civil partners and company secretaries. 

Our Business Premium is fully inclusive of preparing personal tax returns, at ZERO additional cost - with a rental income limit of £50k and provided there is no self-employed income to declare via Self Assessment.

Fee Protection Policies commence on 1st August and are available pro-rata for policies taken up within the year. Premiums are reviewed annually.

How To Protect Your Business?

To enquire about HMRC Fee Protection Insurance, contact the SAS team at

Alternatively you can pay directly here ... Buy Now

We are committed to providing a confidential service with any information provided handled safely and securely. Please contact us if you would like a PDF version of the Free Protection leaflet.


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