Dogs in Work

Despite it not being a prominent feature for a workplace, it is slowly becoming more common for staff to bring their dogs to work with them. Though it is not obligatory for the business to allow this, there are some points to be taken into consideration before a decision is made.


A big factor that businesses consider when making the decision to allow dogs in the workplace is the positive impact dogs have on the staff. Through several studies, it has been shown there are benefits for a person’s mental health and stress levels when people are in close contact with animals, as they create a comforting environment which could help when recruiting and retaining staff as it saves the employees from having to pay for and arrange pet care during work hours.

Points to consider

On the contrary, there are also potential problems and risks with this idea. While a handful of employees may like the idea of bringing their pet with them to work, some may not be on board with it as they may not like animals. The business will need to assess the situation through primary research methods to see the staffs’ views on dogs being brought into a work environment. If the numbers of employees that are against the idea is greater than those who are for, it will therefore be unwise and unlikely it will be put into action.Health and safety will also need to come into consideration when the decision will be made such as possible allergies, and hazards.

However, if the research showed that more employees want dogs in the workplace, the idea could be considered. It would be a good idea to put in place a policy to allow all staff to outline rules and make compromises such as where the dogs will be allowed within the workplace and if the rules are broken the owner will no longer have the privilege of being able to bring their dog to work.

Overall it is the employers’ decision whether they will allow staff to bring their dogs to work.


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