Keeping Your Cool in Rising Temperatures - Top Tips for Smooth Work Relationships

Across the UK, we've seen the mercury rising, just as many of us return to work, businesses reopen, and schools gear up for a new term.
This storm of stress has compounded tensions, with any slightest friction quickly coming to a head in sweltering conditions.
How about we take a breather, have a nice cold glass of water, and think about the best strategies for managing workplace stress in a heatwave.

Keep Your Cool

How to Keep Your Cool at Work

First things first, let's bring that temperature down to something a bit more bearable. 

Even if you're stuck in one of the many offices without air conditioning (a luxury most of us consider investing in for about one week of the year!), you don't have to melt. 

Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee will only make you more dehydrated. This can cause all sorts of problems, from headaches to feeling tired and lethargic. 

Ditch the kettle, and make sure you get plenty of water, so your fluid levels don't dip.

An excellent strategy is to keep a water bottle on your desk. If it's to hand, it won't take up any time to take a sip, and getting up to refill it every hour or so will give you a break from the glare of a screen.

Working from Home? Head Indoors

It's ever so tempting to soak up some rays whilst you're working from home. 

The problem is that an unfamiliar environment, noises and the blazing sunshine aren't going to help you accomplish anything faster. 

You're far better off working indoors, keeping the shades pulled, so you don't overheat, and taking regular breaks. 

Working in bright sunshine is terrible for your eyes, too, so if you can be as productive as possible, try to finish a little early and get some valuable Vitamin D when you're not trying to multitask.

Choose Your Words Wisely

A whole lot of people are coping with a whole lot of stress right now - and very often, we have no idea what other people are dealing with.  

If a colleague is a little short-tempered, try not to take it personally - who knows what tricky childcare they're struggling with, or whether they've had a family member dealing with the awful strain of missing a university place!

Try to think about what you would like to happen if you were in a similar position. 

Offer a listening ear, take a relaxed lunch break together away from the office, or pick up some ice lollies on your way in - the smallest gestures can help the worst days turn out a lot brighter.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

So it's not always possible, but if you can, try to work earlier in the morning or the evening when it's a little cooler. 

Everyone has a fresher mind first thing in the morning, so this is a great time to face those challenges before you've gotten a little hot and bothered in the process! 

If you can't work during the cooler times of the day, try using a fan with a bottle of frozen water or a bowl of ice cubes behind it.
This works wonders in kids' bedrooms during a heatwave, and is a much better solution than just having a fan pushing stuffy air around!


If you're finding yourself crumbling, remember that it is far better to ask for help than try to struggle through. 

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