Social Distancing and Exercising - Rocky Boxset Anyone ?

Coronavirus Lockdown & Social Distancing

With the continued implementation of the social distancing rules due to the spread of COVID-19 many people are now experiencing a new phenomenon – time!  

The hours spent commuting or at work are now being replaced with work from home arrangements or furlough and with no end in sight of the lockdown being relaxed, now to could be a good time to revisit that fateful night of 31 December, where we made that resolution to get fitter.

How can we all Stay Healthy During Lockdown?

Getting fitter doesn’t necessarily mean going to a gym, joining a bootcamp group or running long distances; and often many barriers to these types of groups are that people do not feel fit enough to join and therefore decide it’s not for them.  

Now is as good a time as any to make a start with some simple exercise routines, which could then put you in a better place to tackle some bigger challenges later in the year.

Is Now the Time for a new Fitness Regime?

There’s no need to physically punish yourself at the outset; start slow, build up and see gradual progress.  

There’s a raft of information on the internet for different types of workouts, you don’t need any specialist equipment  - around your home there are plenty of items that can be used for weights – it maybe not be conventional, but we are in unusual times; use what you have. 

For some of us who can remember Rocky; running up steps, running with bricks, clap press ups – these are the fundamentals to many exercise routines now, although probably not chasing chickens so much.  Body weight exercises are also great to get started with, all of which can be regressed as necessary. 

Setting aside as little as 15 minutes a day could get you well on your way to a fitter and healthier you, whilst we continue to challenge the lockdown.  

We all need to look after ourselves and our families at such a difficult time and when starting any form of new exercise some care must be taken.  

If it hurts, stop; a bucket of cold water and a sponge doesn’t necessarily work now-a-days and we do not want to put additional strain on our brilliant NHS at this time.  

Keep well. SAS Accounting.


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